Inuit people

The history of the Inuit

Some scientists believe that the ancestors of the Inuit came from either Japan or Asia.  they arrived here approximately 5,ooo years ago.  The ancestors never really left much behind so it was hard to tell what kind of stuff they did.  What scientists do know is that the ancestors used dog sleds and kayaks for transportation.  Thule culture was the first known culture in the north.  The people of the Thule used very basic tools and very basic homes.  Another thing scientists found out is that one Eskimo group of the north used copious amounts of copper.  They used copper for tools, hunting, housing. Copper made it possible to transport large materials. The reason why Eskimos were called Eskimos was because Eskimo means eater of raw meat and the Eskimos ate raw meat.  The Inuit have an ongoing growing problem because they do not like being called Eskimos they want to be called Inuit.  They have fought to be called Inuit and I think people are starting to call them Inuit more often.