Inuit people

The Inuit culture

The Inuit people believed that there was no life after death but that there was a place called Summerland.  The Summerland is a place where people live before they are born.  The Summerland was considered to be a place of magic and energy where healing would occur. It was also considered to be a source of dreams.  Also in the Inuit life dreams were very important; so important that they would talk about their dreams every morning.  Furthermore, if the Inuit people were having trouble they would go to their shaman.  A shaman was a person who was believed to know the most about the Summerland.  Some questions that the people would ask the shamans were: where are the animals hiding? Why is someone sick?  Where is our lost item?   Another thing that the Inuit believed in was the inukshuk.  The inukshuk was a stone structure that was used for either navigation or a point of reference.